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Franchise Loans

BRT Financial is a nationally recognized company helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. We are a Preferred Financial services company and have loans processed more quickly and efficiently than many others.

There are number of advantages to using an Unsecured Franchise Loan, We are experts in franchise finance and the first to offer a turnkey, unsecured loan product for the franchise industry.

Business Financing Franchise

Excellent alternative to SBA financing with very competitive Fixed Rates and No requirements for additional collateral such as Real Estate!

Turnkey Franchise Financing Solution offering single and multi-unit financing, Cash Flow Financing, NOT Home Equity.

Franchise Financing

Franchisees start and expand their business by leveraging their assets rather than limiting growth by pledging assets as collateral.

• Term may range from 36 months up 120 months.
• Up to 80% LTV on new start-up locations and up to 90% LTV for acquisitions.
• Flexible, fixed rate refinance options to free up collateral for expansion.
• FICO minimum credit score of 675.

Equipment Financing Franchise

Provide "Rapid Response to our clients that provide a completed application package.

• Generally able to issue a commitment within 10-15 business days.
• Cash Flow underwriting, real estate collateral is not required.
• Target Borrower: Franchisee of approved franchisee system, with good credit, and the desire to build a business by maximizing leverage.
• Loans normally up to $500,000.
• Terms to 120 months
• Up to 80% LTV Ratio and up to 90% LTV for acquisitions.

Program Highlights:

• Competitive Fixed Interest Rates!
• No Additional Collateral or Real Estate Collateral Required!
• No 3% SBA Packaging Fee!
• No 2.6% SBA Loan Guarantee!
• No SBA Legal Fees!
• Close in Weeks not Months!

Franchise Loan Program

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