Licensed Professional Term Loans - Fast Funding

Business or Personal Use Loan For Up To 10 Years!

No Down Payment Term Loans:

• Licensed Insurance Agency
• Financial Advisor
• Accountants
• Architect
• Attorney
• Engineer
• Pilot

Funding of deals that have been turned down by other lenders, turning dead deals into funded deals!

Bankruptcy Allowed If Discharged For 12 Months and Maximum Taxes Owed Is Below $250k.

Specialists in the financing of Licensed Professionals and know what you need, because we have been there. We have helped numerous Licensed Professionals acquire, build, expand, equip and fund business needs.

We work with you to understand your specific needs and design a personalized plan to help you meet your Licensed Professional term loan needs.

Our objective is to offer Licensed Professionals the financing you need to meet your professional goals:

Lending Starts at $20,000 up to 250,000!

Relocation, Expansion, Remodel!

100% Financing Available!

Acquisition Finance!

Debt Consolidation!

Working Capital!

No Down Payment Term Loans for Licensed Insurance Agency, Attorney, Financial Advisor, Engineer, Architect, Pilot, and CPA's

FAST   Proposals - and Closings!  
EASY   You will get help every step of the loan process!  
FLEXIBLE   Less paperwork, and common-sense decisions!  

Whether you're starting your business as a start-up or expanding, refinancing, or selling an existing business, will guide you through your project!