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Medical Financing

Practice Acquisitions:

Practice Acquisitions, providing financial solutions exclusively to dental and medical professionals. We may be able offer a working capital loan to pay for the entire purchase price with copies of the sellerís tax returns (business not personal) to see that the practice cash flows and the buying doctorís tax returns to see that the buyer has made a good living as an independent or associate doctor before buying the practice. First position lien on the practice is required.

Medical Working Capital Loan Program

Working capital loans are very simple and can be unsecured - we write a check to the doctor so he or she can spend the funds at their discretion to enhance the value of their practice. From advertising to practice expansion, working capital loans can provide the funds necessary to increase future revenues and profit.

Medical Debt Consolidation Loan Program

Debt consolidation loans are designed for established medical professionals (3+ years) to pay off existing personal and practice debts that carry high interest rates or large monthly minimum payments.   The doctor will apply "good cash flow management skills" by combining a number of monthly payments into one easy to manage payment.

Checks are written payable to the practice and the credit card company (or other companies) for the doctor to endorse and forward to pay off debts. Up to 25% of the loan can be issued directly to the practice to pay off smaller debts.

Terms to 72 months. Deferred payments and 10% balloon payments maybe available.

The loan document does NOT restrict the doctor's ability to borrow, buy, sell or lease equipment as needed for the practice

The collateral is a lien against the general assets of the practice and the guarantees of the doctor and spouse. A first lien position is NOT required.

No advance payments are required.

Last two years complete business and personal tax returns required.

Get Immediate Cash Relief - Medical Billing Financing

Factoring your medical receivables to instantly reduce the inconsistent cash flow created by the insurance industry and other third party's.

The working capital loan program has been expanded to include other licensed professionals. The program does vary slightly but it is still designed to put cash in the bank to grow your business.

Medical Equipment Leasing Program

Medical Equipment Leasing offers additional financing options to the practice for specific equipment acquisition. Leasing may provide tax benefits to the practice that are not available with a traditional loan.

Medical Leasehold Improvement Program

Medical Leasehold Improvement Financing offers additional financing options to the practice for improvements made to the building you are in.

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