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Financing for Professionals

Professional Working Capital Loan Program

Our working capital loan program has been expanded to include other licensed professionals. The program does vary slightly but it is still designed to put cash in the bank to grow your business.

For Architects, Attorneys, CPA’s and Psychologists licensed for a minimum of 2 years and in good standing.

Terms extended up to 60 months with 3 deferred payments of $100.

Home-based businesses considered with verifiable time in business of 5+ years.

No advance payments are required.

May be used in conjunction with the Commercial Equipment Leasing Program.

Can allow for early payoff of loan.

Credit Requirements:

Minimum 600 Beacon, Fair Isaac or Empirica credit score!

Licensed for a minimum of 2 years and in good standing.

Prior 2 year’s 1040 and/or 1120 tax returns required.

Business license required on home based businesses

Corporation only transactions considered.

Spousal personal guarantees are encouraged to gain approval or higher dollar amounts.

Business Financing Resources

An extensive range of articles covering topics such as reducing your debt, starting a new business and generating more sales. Experts in this field will give you advice on many aspects of business and finance and there are many great and useful tips to make your life easier...

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