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Alternative Financing For Business Owners That Can't Qualify For Conventional Financing!

Medical Doctor Financing

The Cash Advance Program - Up To $250K In Cash. . .
Turn Your Monthly Sales Into Working Capital!

Cash Advance Program

Funding to retail businesses in all 50 states!

Serving the needs of small and medium sized businesses in the Restaurant, Retail, and Hospitality Industries.
The loan process is easy and funds quickly; typically within 5-7 business days of a completed application. Since no payments are collecterd from your credit card receipts, you keep a more of your revenue as your sales increase, and it doesn't create any accounting headaches.

This loan program is available to you right Now!  Your business may be eligible for $5,000 to $250,000!

Loan amounts based on Gross Sales, not just VISA & MasterCard sales.

No need to switch processing provider.

Loan terms of  26, 32, 40, 52 weeks.

Fixed weekly payment amount through ACH draft.

Loan amounts based on Gross Sales, not just VISA & MasterCard sales.

No need for merchants to switch processing provider.

Minimal documentation required.

  Retail Merchant Loan  Barber/Beauty Saloons/Spas
  Retail Merchant Loan  Bars/Taverns
  Retail Merchant Loan  Bicycle Shops
  Retail Merchant Loan  Book Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Camera Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Car Washes
  Retail Merchant Loan  Caterers
  Retail Merchant Loan  Cigar Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Convenience Food Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Drug Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Florists
  Retail Merchant Loan  Gift Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Grocery Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Hobby/Toy Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Jewelry Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Liquor Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Lodging
  Retail Merchant Loan  Luggage Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Pet Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Photo Studios
  Retail Merchant Loan  Quick Copy
  Retail Merchant Loan  Radio/TV Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Restaurants
  Retail Merchant Loan  Shoe Stores
  Retail Merchant Loan  Other

Restaurant Advances

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