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Thirty Reasons Why
Businesses Fail...

1. Insufficient control over the cost and quality of your product.

2. Lack of proper stock control.

3. Buying short and selling long.

4. Under pricing the goods you are selling.

5. Poor customer relations.

6. Failure to promote and continue promotion of your public image.

7. Poor public relations with suppliers of goods and services to your company.

8. Management’s lack of ability to reach decisions quickly and act fast.

9. Failure to keep pace with management aids as conditions change.

10. Real and psychosomatic illnesses of key people.

11. Reluctance to be aware and seek professional assistance when needed.

12. Failure to minimize taxation through proper advice on tax planning.

13. Inadequate insurance programs.

14. Lack of planning and forward impetus in sales department.

15. Poor human relations with your staff.

16. Loss of key personnel.

17. Lack of total knowledge of your product, merchandise or services.

18. Inability to foresee and cope adequately with competition.

19. Complacency about competition.

20. Failure to anticipate market trends in connection with your products & services.

21. Failure to anticipate market trends in regard to purchases.

22. Lack of control of liquid assets.

23. Insufficient planning for future capital needs.

24. Failure to stay within the bounds dictated by capital availability.

25. Lack of budgeting or failure to adhere to budget.

26. Refusing to recognize factuality of financial position.

27. Poor record keeping.

28. Granting of too much credit.

29. Purchasing too much on credit.

30. Poor receivables control.

Commercial Mortgage Financing

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Real Deals For Difficult-To-Finance Commercial Real Estate!

Mortgages Up To $2 Million - Minimum Loan Size $200,000!

Help For Borrowers With FICO Scores Down to 600

Prime Rate Plus 3.75% - Adjusted Quarterly

Limited Income Verification

Terms: 15, 20, 25 Years

Pre-Payment Penalty - 3 Year Declining (5,3,1)

Up To 75% Financing!

Owner-Occupied or Occupy 51%

Lower Debt-Service Coverage Minimums!

Specialize in providing business loans for hard-to-finance owner-occupied small businesses—even those with less-than-perfect credit histories.

Difficult to finance industries welcomed, including gas stations, convenience stores, auto repair, motels and specialty trade contractors!

Whether you face challenges with bad credit, difficulty showing other income, or financing an unconventional property type, we can help.

Financing for owners of gas stations, convenience stores, hotels/motels, auto repair shops and owners of many other business types have secured the funding they needed—even after other banks passed them over.

Help you finance a wide range of commercial properties, including gas stations/convenience stores, automotive, hotels/motels/bed & breakfasts, office, retail, light industrial, and multifamily/mixed-use.

Doctor Financing

Commercial Real Estate Programs:

Loan Amounts Starting at $200,000

Gas Stations Gas Stations/Convenience Stores
Financing for both branded and unbranded gasoline stations. Our industry experts have financed properties with known environmental issues as well.

Mutifamily View loan guidelines for Gas Station/C-Stores

Auto Repair Automotive
These can include auto repair stations, auto auction properties and used car lots for self-employed investors who need short-term or long-term capital.

Mutifamily View loan guidelines for Automotive

Hotels Motels Lodging
We have experience financing both branded and unbranded hotels, motels, or bed & breakfasts with a maximum of 60 rooms.

Mutifamily View loan guidelines for Lodging

Retail Retail
We help finance a diverse range of retail properties, including liquor stores, laundromats, restaurants, bars, drug stores, regional enclosed properties, outlet centers, strip malls, single-tenant properties, and regional unenclosed properties.

Mutifamily View loan guidelines for Retail

Light Industrial Light Industrial
These properties include warehouses, self-storage facilities, and research and development properties. They can be owner-occupied and have multiple tenants.

Mutifamily View loan guidelines for Light Industrial

Office Office
These can include single tenant properties, mid-rise offices, office-over-retail properties, and office buildings for medical, legal, architectural, and engineering professionals.

Mutifamily View loan guidelines for Office

Doctor Financing

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