Doctor Practice Working Capital Funding

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The Doctor Bank Statement Program!

FImpaired Credit Program For All Doctors, As Low As 500 FICO Credit Score!

Financing Solutions Exclusively For Healthcare Professionsals!

HealthCare Working Capital

We help small main street healthcare practices build a successful borrowing record so you can eventually qualify for traditional financing. Many small practices are shut out from traditional loans, often due to low credit score, weak cash reserves, lack of collateral, or other reasons. And yet, all practices need capital to grow.

Doctor Practice Advantage:
Provide working capital according to what your cash flow can realistically handle!
Get preferred rates on loans as your successful repayment record improves!
Cash flow guidance to help you improve your ability to pay loans successfully!

The Program:
Daily Direct Debit ACH Re-Payments - Increases your success for timely payment!
Lower Total Interest Cost - Principal is reduced faster by daily payments!
Focus on cash flow and payment behaviors, rather than your credit!
Can use as a Hybrid Line of Credit!

Funding Criteria:
Eligible Practices Must Have:

FICO Credit Score - 500!
One Year In Practice!
Average Monthy Bank Deposits of $10,000!
Completed 1 Page Application!
6 Months Bank Statements - All Pages!
Term - Up to 6 Months!
Must Have Practice Business Bank Account!

The Doctor Bank Statement Program Is Perfect For Quick Funds!

Advantages Of The Doctor Bank Statement Program:

Quick and High rate of Approval!
No costly applications and complicated paperwork or closing costs!
Funding within five to ten business days!
Practices that have been turned down for financing can be funded!
You are not required to put up real estate or personal assets as collateral!
Payback is typically based on cash flow, payback is fixed with business activity!
Ongoing source of capital!
Provides immediate and dependable access to working capital for your practice!
Strengthens a companys financial statement and credit ranking!
Practices that can't qualify for traditional bank financing!
Cash payments allow practices to take advantage of purchasing discounts!
Allows doctors to separate their business from their personal assets!
Extremely flexible once in place compared to any other type of financing!