Dental Practice Financing
Dental Practice Financing

"I would like to express my gratitude in sticking with me and getting my loan funded. The lien finally got cleared. I appreciate you believing in me and working with me to the end to get the loan.

You spent many months with me on this, and I am glad I chose to call you back instead of the numerous others I could have. Thank you also for waiving some fees, every bit helps and it really felt like you were trying to help me rather than take advantage of my situation. This loan was not just a loan, it is piece of mind and allows me to provide the best service I can for my patients.

I didn't know if I would get the loan and would have to take from my IRA or credit cards since the construction is already done. This just makes things simpler. You have been an easy, knowledgeable, responsive, reliable, and reasonable company."

Dr.Anupam P.  San Jose, CA

Practice Financing

"Words can't describe how excellent the service was. Turned down by 1 lender, and offered 50% financing by another lender. But Diana never gave up on me and got the loan funded. Thank you so much."

Dr.Stephen K.  Buena Park, CA

Practice Financing

"Thanks BRT. You guys are great at staying in touch. Wish all the banks were like this."

Dr.Rashid R.  Houston, TX

Practice Financing

"The best ever, sharp, smart and confident company. 100% on top of everything. BRT Is Amazing. handled the whole process. They really know what they are doing and I wish I had the individual I dealt with on my team. They wouldn't take no for an answer from people that were used to saying this can't be done."

Dr.Ali M.   Stamford, CT

Practice Financing

"BRT has been great to work with throughout the whole process. Very dependable and efficient. I would highly recommend BRT financial. Having an independent liaison between you and the underwriter is a big advantage, especially if they are on your side. BRT took care of all the communications and followed through every detail. I would use their service again!"

Dr. J,  Anaheim, CA

Practice Financing

"I just want to say "Thanks for helping get into my new practice! If it wasn't for you helping me and knowing the right lender, I would not be in my own dental practice today. Keep up the good work and good luck to you!"

Dr.Denise F.  Hollywood, CA

Practice Financing

"I would really like to thank you for your GREAT help in getting me this hard to fund loan. I tried every bank, no one wanted to help! I know that you worked hard and made it work. I will definitely refer you to my fellow doctors."

Dr.Emily W.  Las Vegas, NV

Practice Financing

"48 hours after completing the simple on-line application I received notification I had been approved for unsecured financing and just 2 days later had the money in my account with a great interest rate and fixed terms with no pre-payment penalties."

Dr.Paul S,  Erie, PA

Practice Financing

"I went to my local bank for financing and they turned me down! Thank you so much for all your help... 5 payments in and things couldn't be better!! Thanks again for all of your help this past summer. It sure is nice being able to sleep at night without worrying about how we were going to pay off those credit cards. My wife and I can't thank you enough!!! Our other situation has also been resolved without a problem. The best part is I am saving $2,440.29 per month and I will have it all paid off in 5 years!"

Ronald R. DDS  Morton,Illinois

Practice Financing

"BRT financial did a wonderful job assisting me in the acquisition of my physician's loan. Their extremely prompt and courteous service made the process painless, while their attention to detail and willingness to listen allowed me to get the loan that best suited my needs!" Thanks

Dr. Andrew, MD  Wheaton, IL

Practice Financing

"When I decided to purchase a chiropractic practice, financing became one of my biggest concerns. Luckily I was blessed with discovering BRT Financial. My practice finance specialist, worked one-on-one with me from the very first day. She assisted me in exploring all my options and always gave the extra time to make sure everything went smoothly. Thank you, BRT for helping me acquire the practice of my dreams!"

Dr. C.F. MD  Atlanta, GA

Practice Financing

"Today I talked with BRT Financial, I dealt with them a number of years ago when I was building my practice. BRT is Christian based and is operated on Christian principles. You can be assured that BRT will be always looking for what is in your best interest.…"

Dr. J.W. MD  Cleveland, OH

Medical Practice Financing

Dental Financing
The Doctor Bank Statement Program!

Impaired Credit Program For All Doctors, As Low As 500 FICO Credit Score!

Turn Your Monthly Deposits Into Working Capital!

We help small main street practices build a successful borrowing record so you can eventually qualify for traditional financing.

Many small practices are shut out from traditional loans, often due to low credit score, weak cash reserves, lack of collateral, or other reasons. And yet, all practices need capital to grow.
No Down Payment Practice Dental Financing

Practice Advantage:
• Provide working capital according to what your cash flow can realistically handle!
• Get preferred rates on loans as your successful repayment record improves!
• Cash flow guidance to help you improve your ability to pay loans successfully!

The Program:

• Daily Direct Debit ACH Re-Payments - Increases your success for timely payment!
• Lower Total Interest Cost - Principal is reduced faster by daily payments!
• Focus on cash flow and payment behaviors, rather than your credit!
• Can use as a Hybrid Line of Credit!

Funding Criteria:

Eligible Practices Must Have:

Medical Financing  FICO Credit Score - 500!
Medical Financing  One Year In Practice!
Medical Financing  Average Monthy Bank Deposits of $10,000!
Medical Financing  Completed 1 Page Application!
Medical Financing  6 Months Bank Statements - All Pages!
Medical Financing  Term - Up to 6 Months!
Medical Financing  Must Have Practice Business Bank Account!

The Doctor Bank Statement Program Is Perfect For Quick Funds!

Advantages Of The Doctor Bank Statement Program:

Medical Financing  Quick and High rate of Approval!
Medical Financing  No costly applications and complicated paperwork or closing costs!
Medical Financing  Funding within five to ten business days!
Medical Financing  Practices that have been turned down for financing can be funded!
Medical Financing  You are not required to put up real estate or personal assets as collateral!
Medical Financing  Payback is typically based on cash flow, payback is fixed with business activity!
Medical Financing  Ongoing source of capital!
Medical Financing  Provides immediate and dependable access to working capital for your practice!
Medical Financing  Strengthens a company’s financial statement and credit ranking!
Medical Financing  Practices that can't qualify for traditional bank financing!
Medical Financing  Cash payments allow practices to take advantage of purchasing discounts!
Medical Financing  Allows doctors to separate their business from their personal assets!
Medical Financing  Extremely flexible once in place compared to any other type of financing!
Dental Financing


Doctor Financing
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